martes, 19 de junio de 2012

Basic Linux stuff: The passwd file

The passwd file is located at /etc, and in that file is where the username and other user data is stored when a new user is created or when it is modified.
A line that represents the data of a user is written like this:


  1. rukia - Is the username.
  2. x - This means that the user has a password. Passwords are encrypted and saved in the shadow file.
  3. 1000 - The user ID also known as UID.
  4. 1000 - The group ID also known as GID.
  5. Rukia - This field is the complete name of the user but it also contains other data. For example, when in Ubuntu we create a new user, it asks for a lot of information like room number, telephone, etc., well all this info is saved in this field and it is known as the gecos field.
  6. /home/rukia - The home folder.
  7. /bin/bash - Is the shell that will be executed by the user when he or she logins at a terminal.

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